Saturday, May 14, 2005

Nrsinga Deva + Rama Necklace

hey guys, i wish i could call u and talk but, i havnt even been able to call my mom in weeks. its getting crazy over hear. we got a new patrol area. one one the worst between baghdad and falluja. its all kinda weird in a strange way because i have allways worn my Nrsinga Deva + Rama necklace around my neck. i have worn it everyday i have been hear. and one night after a shower i lert the necklace in the bathroom and someone picked it up. i was without it for 2 days. the first day of its absence my truck got granaded while truckin down the road. no injurys. then the next day(two days ago) a vehicle bomb exploded in the convoy. a car slipped in the convoy and exploded next to the hummer in front of me. the driver and gunner recieved 2nd degree burns. thank god thats all. the car was packed with C4 and made a HUGE explosion. the hummer was conpletely destroyed. i have pics when i get back. but only minor injury, thank god. i will be awarded the Combat Medic Badge, but beleve you me; i am not taking my necklace off again. fun stuff eh? well better scedattle. -nick-

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Rescuing Eqyptian Hostages

I'm in 2nd brigade out of 10thMountain Division. We are at camp liberty iraq. I'm a medic so i am asigned to headquarters but i go out on patrol with Bravo Battery, 2nd Platoon.

heres the story:
it all starts, oh.. around the 5th of feb i happen to look over a guys shoulder who was gazing reluctantly at the paper.

Flipping pages hastily. I happen to notice the front page, because of the large headline and photo accompanying, obviously a gigantic ordeal has occured. well, it seems that four egyptian men working for there government had been taken hostage, kidnapped by the shadows that lurk in the depths of this tortured metropolis. having no idea who has taken and where they have stowed these prisoners, the army was left with no leads.

It had made headlines nation wide. as if it fell from the sky, what luck!

My platoon was patroling the streets of yermuk, casting our shadow on as many roads and alleys as fast as our 12 ton hummers could take us. the patrol was crossing a side street when the first vehicle notices a strange car parked on the side of the road. hmm, its not every car that saggs like an old work horses back.

We have beeninstilled to notice such cars for the feared vehicle bombs. there were two men standing in front of this suspicious monstrouscity.

As we slowed to a creep, the two men ran into a quick strint. my vehicle put the peddle to the medal. we chased in pursute across intersections and through neighborhoods as he ran from our heavily armed anticipation. we caught the man and wisked him back to his hunched car. the other vehicles caught the other guy, we were not wasting any time cuffing and blind folding these two.

We waited in a safe distance, just in case the car was rigged. After a good few moments we decited it was safe to appoach. we opened the trunk and to our astonishment there was two men cuffed and blindfolded. oh how the tides have changed. remember the story about the kidnapped egyptians.

We have stummbled upon the only kidnapped individuals found alive. as we took off there blindfolds they looked at our flag on our shoulder. They studdered into tears, hugging and kissing us. I said "Hare Krishna" and they looked at me funny.

As we were taking off the blind folds our iraqi interpreter was punching the two we caught in the stomach over the hood of the car. We took all four men to camp liberty and let the ex-kiddnapped talk to the newly detained.

Oh, how the tides can change in a day. the two bad guys were broken in an hours time and gave up the location, of the other two egypians. within 4 hours all four were freed, i'm sure having a new view on americans. I felt so good to be there to see the _expression on their faces when the sun shone down in there eyes. wow, what an experience. i just hope we can be so fortunate again